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Minty Help

A Livejournal CSS Help Community brought to you by Minty Apple!

Minty Apple Help
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A Livejournal CSS Help Community

Welcome to Minty Help, The sister community of mintyapple. This community is dedicated to helping people with CSS related questions. Please take a peak at our Master Resource Post, F.A.Q. Post, and Community Info posts.

The rules aren't complicated, but please make sure to read over all the rules before posting, Have fun and hopefully we can all work together and help each other out!
~Your Mod

The Staff

Mods: wekhter
CSS Experts: complications_g


General Community Rules
» Be Nice. No Flaming Please.
» This is a CSS/HTML Help Community only; Posts should be questions or tutorials only.
» You are permitted to Friends Lock Community entries, but it is not required
» This is not a "REQUEST" community. Do not post layout or graphic requests here, Any posts of this sort will be deleted

Posting Rules
» If you are posting a Question, You must use the template & "Question" tag
» If you are posting a tutorial Please use the "Tutorial" tag

Question Template

» Please Copy and Paste this template into your post, and please do not use Rich Text Mode because it removes the coding!

Tag Info

User Tags (Tags you can Apply)
Questions » Used to mark Question Posts. This will help the mods keep track of how many questions come through this community, so please use it!
Tutorials » Used to mark Tutorial Posts

Mod Applied Tags (Tags Only Mods can Apply)
! important » Used by Mods only to mark a post that can be easily accessed again
FAQ » Used to mark posts which contain frequently asked questions
Resources » Used to Mark The Master Resource Post Only